Walkerton, as the County Seat, holds a significant place in Southern Bruce County. Along with the county offices, there are two high schools, a hospital, regional courts and for close to a century and a half and the county jail. That historic jail, now closed, is destined to become a new tourist attraction.

Joseph Walker, who gave the community its name and who later became its first mayor, arrived at the place the Ojibway called Hahskosesing (Little Marsh). Walker built a dam on the Saugeen River and typical of the beginnings of many rural Ontario towns, established a grist and saw mill and a tavern.

In 1999, the townships of Brant and Greenock and the town of Walkerton amalgamated into the new Municipality of Brockton, but Walkerton retains its historic identity and character. The later decades of the 19th century were hard times for many towns that were built from the timber that abounded in the area. Walkerton was no exception and in the late 1880s much of the downtown was destroyed by fire. However every dark cloud, as the saying goes....Fire provided the opportunity for the town to rebuild and today much of Walkerton’s downtown boasts fine examples of early Ontario architecture.

The crown jewel is the Victoria Jubilee Hall which opened in 1887 as the seat of local government. Today the hall is an elegant and historic centre for performing arts, including home to the County Towne Players who offer top quality amateur theatre. Walkerton is also home to the Walkerton Clean Water Centre, a world leading research and training facility dedicated to advances in excellence in municipal water services.

Today, a thriving downtown core is complimented by the many natural amenities that abound. Walkerton is at the centre of plenty of activity for outdoor enthusiasts –fishing, canoeing, hiking and snowmobiling on miles of scenic trails.

Walkerton offers a variety of residential options, from its stately Victorian homes to modern subdivisions.

There are a wide variety of community amenities and recreational programs including golf, curling, ice sports, soccer, ball, tennis, parks and more.

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