When you step into Paisley you step into history. 
This quiet and picturesque village at the junction of the Saugeen and Teeswater Rivers, with its 
historic downtown and evidence everywhere of its past, invites you to imagine earlier times when the 
pioneer spirit and the energy of the early settlers built a solid and welcoming community. 
The settlement was first established in 1851 when Simon Orchard and Samuel Rowe chose the site 
for the community named after the Scottish town. 
The village was incorporated in 1874 and in those days boasted seven mills drawing power from the 
rivers, along with a foundry, a box and crate factory, a brick and tile works and a meat packing plant. 
A quieter place today, Paisley is a welcoming community in every sense. Historic walking tours invite 
you to explore the village. You can stroll the walking trails that follow the river, you can canoe or 
kayak on the route followed by the Aboriginal peoples and the early settlers, you can see the historic 
town hall, built in 1876, see the Firehouse Tower built in 1891, or visit the restored Paisley City Mill, 
now a shop filled with intriguing gifts and crafts. 
The Treasure Chest Museum holds a collection of pioneer household and farm tools as well as 
antique furniture and each August the agriculture era of horse and steam power is celebrated at the 
nearby Bruce County Heritage Farm. 
Paisley remains an urban centre serving the surrounding agriculture community and celebrates this 
heritage at the annual fall fair and horse show in September. 
The village has become a popular residential community, close enough to larger employment areas 
like Saugeen Shores, Bruce Power and Hanover-Walkerton.
A full range of housing choices are offered, and there are plenty of community programs offered for 
all ages and preferences, from youth and adult recreation programs to seniors’ activities, from 
churches, service clubs and community events to year round outdoor opportunities. 

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