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John Metcalfe - Walkerton REALTOR

As a dedicated REALTOR®, I like to ensure that you have access to up-to-date information through my articles.

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Walkerton Listing for Sale - 16 - 110 PRINCE Street

16 - 110 PRINCE Street WALKERTON

Walkerton Listing for Sale - 13 MILLER Street


Hanover Listing for Sale - 190 8TH Street West

190 8TH Street West HANOVER

Hanover Listing for Sale - 227 15TH Avenue

227 15TH Avenue HANOVER

Hanover Listing for Sale - 401409 GREY ROAD 4


Hanover Listing for Sale - 301 8TH Avenue

301 8TH Avenue HANOVER

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John Metcalfe

As a REALTOR® for McIntee Real Estate in Walkerton since 2006, My three main market areas are Mildmay, Walkerton and Hanover. I pride myself in giving the highest level of service to Buyer's and Seller's. With that service, I want my clients to feel that they can trust me 100%. I am dedicated to constantly expanding my horizons, and in turn, educate my clients with confidence about my knowledge and expertise in the real estate field. 

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